I actually made this table simultaneously with another build for my daughter which I will also post Meet our new 4×8 10 player custom poker table This was my first time working with epoxy resin in an open pour like this The inlay was routed out of the racetrack 1 4 deep and filled with metallic deep red powder mixed in the the epoxy Once that dried I routed the epoxy inlay level with the racetrack and sanded smooth Then I flood coated the entire racetrack with epoxy Black aluminum cup holders round out the racetrack The rail is 70lb 1 cushion with a premium walnut vinyl cover and the playing surface is a blackberry speed felt with the dark side up with 1 4 foam underlay The LED lights are fully programmable and Bluetooth controlled from my phone Now having said all that I still have to build some custom legs and a custom removable dining top for it but the poker table itself is complete