This is my unfinished table so far When I began I wanted to make a table like the kind I ve played on at casinos One where the cup holders are actually in the rail This table is a raised rail poker table with a full playing surface cup holders in the rail and a padded dealer station I wasn t a fan of the racetrack tables for a few reasons but the key was b c i didn t like the cup holders basically on the playing surface I ordered all the poker table supplies from here which included blackberry suited speed cloth premium whisper vinyl 1 4 volara foam 1 foam and the stainless steel cup holders The only drawback is that the standard cup holders are just barely big enough to fit a beer bottle or a soda can in The jumbo cup holders are a little too big in the sense that you would need to make a wider rail in order to use them and not damage or weaken the top rail I really wish there was an in between cup holder size that would be a great compromise I still have finishing work to do and might update this when it s all said and done I still need to paint and add my led light strip to the riser rail i need to paint and finish the lower ring i need to paint and cover or stain the base and finally add the legs This is where i m at currently and thought i d share