This was both of our first time with any sort of wood work Ordered our foam for the playing surface the rail and the table fabric from this website great customer service and great products our vinyl we got from Joanns We followed the raised poker table steps all the way up to raising the rail then we took our own route and started impervising and about 200 trips to Home Depot The inside and outside is nailed with white hardboard then we got black vinyl edging from the flooring department at Home Depot and used vinyl adheasive to glue it onto the baseboard For the raised rail we used the scrap plywood and cut out spacers 4 long and 2 wide We cut out roughly 25 of them and spaced them around the playing surface We used 90 degree cabinet brackets from Home Depot to connect the risers to the playing surface Cup holders will be installed under table they will fold out when in use then fold back under the table when not Will be installing charge ports under the table also For being beginners and our first ever wood work build are very stasifed how this table turned out