This was my first attempt at a poker table Well make that my first attempt at a wood working project in general This is the first of my 2 demo units before I start really producing them for locals Veneers used were Rosewood Burl Maple Burl and Quilted Maple Trim is Ebony Maple Rosewood veneers Keep in mind I built this having no previous knowledge and no tools to start so it was an exercise in patience and persistence This was built with a starter kit from BYOPT big thanks to them for putting these together The racetrack received 18 coats of Polycrylic each coat was sanded flat before the next was applied final coat was sanded from 320 3000 grit and polished with a 4 step process however needs to be done again as I don t think the poly was completely hardened yet and there are a few imperfections haze but I am OCD and it will bug me Hope you enjoy the build photos