This is my first table All materials were purchased from BYOPT except wood and tools Everything arrived as expected and in perfect condition Shipping was admirably fast What went well as the table will be in a basement I sealed everything to protect against temperature and moisture fluctuations I added cork pads in the cup holders to absorb condensation I wrapped the OD of the cup holders for a tight interference fit no rattling I m glad I didn t plunge cut the cut between the track and playing surface with a circular saw I did all other cuts this way and blotched them all Opted to very carefully and tediously cut the track out with a pilot hole and jig saw I made a lot of cuts in the vinyl for the inner arc This helped immensely in maintains a consistent curved surface On that note a pneumatic stapler was a godsend What I could have done better MDF is flat consistent and cheap but it is dense and heavy I used it on the unfinished portions base and rail In the end it worked out but it was hard to work with especially the cup holes the vinyl is just barely wider than the rail I m sure it is standard width and no fault to BYOPT but boy was it a pain to stretch and get straight Next time I will make the rails a little narrower