This is the very first thing I ve ever built from scratch on my own I did a lot of research before I started and I couldn t be more pleased with the results I learned a lot and the next one I build there will be no surprises and it ll be even better I bought all of the foam vinyl cup holders and speed cloth from this site I bought the top of the line option for everything hopefully the materials will last a long time I checked different sites and this is the best place to purchase your materials I placed my order on a Wednesday and it got to my house the following Wednesday I used instructions from 2 different table types the lighted rail and the racetrack poker tables It was very simple but very time consuming Staining and finishing the wood was the worst I hate waiting for things to dry It took me 7 days to complete If I had all of the materials when I started it would ve taken 3 4 days The upholstery of the rail was the hardest and most time consuming part I recommend a helping hand for this part My wife helped a lot stapling the vinyl as I stretched it and held it in place Once you figure out how to get the curves wrinkle free it s easy The inside of the rail was much easier and quicker than the outside I ve already had one game night on it with a beer spill and the water proof foam and fabric did its job and there is no trace of it whatsoever Everyone including myself was amazed at how well the table turned out I had one guy say he s going to build his own table after he left If anyone has any questions I d be more than happy to answer them Thank you BYOPT