This table took me about 28 hours to build over a two week span completely by myself I used the Oval Table plans from this site and modified the rail to accept the 4inch jumbo cup holders I also ordered the Premium Poker Table Kit from this site and upgraded to the volara playing surface foam and the 70lb rail foam Couldn t be happier with both choices All in this table cost me about 400 One thing we discovered after the fact is that this table is huge I assumed most tables were 4×8 but no way It s built to go on top of a bar table and we definitely need more surrounding room than our previous tables But it s sweet for our sometimes 10 person games I also ordered the 96 cover from this site and while it barely fits my table it does fit mine is a full 48 wide Big ups to this website for the plans and guidance and super high quality materials Pics will be attached to show progress along the way Thanks BYOPT Nick