Upholstering a Blackjack Table Rail

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Padded Rail

Upholstering the Padded Rail

The next step in building your blackjack table is assembling upholstering the padded blackjack table rail.  To assemble the rail place piece C on top of piece B and screw them together (figure 3-1).  I also use glue but it is not required.  If you want to have an angled end to the rail you can cut the ends at a 45 degree angle for a different look (figure 3-2 (optional)).

Blackjack Table Rail

Blackjack Table Rail Angled

Now you will add the 1″ foam for padding much like you did for the blackjack playing surface with one change.  Instead of cutting the foam to the edges you should leave about 1/2″ of foam on the inner part of the arc and 1″ – 1.5″ on the outside.  This is so the foam can wrap around the rail and the sides will also be padded (figure 3-3).

Padding the rail

1″ foam can be found on the Foam and Padding page.

Now its time to add the vinyl.  Place the vinly flat on the floor and place the assembled rail on top of it with piece B facing down.  Place a few staples at one end to hold the vinyl in place then stretch it tight and staple the other side.  Then pull the bottom of the arc tight and staple it.  Now go around the entire arc stapling every inch or so making sure to pull the vinyl as tight as you can (figure 3-4).

Adding Vinyl to Padded Rail

Once the outside of the padded rail is done you can cut off the extra vinyl and start on the inside.  Cut the inside into pie piece sectons and wrap it and staple on the inside.  Make sure to pull this as tight as possible.  Once you are done you can cut off any extra vinyl and your rail should look like figure 3-5.

Rail vinyl is available in a variety of styles and colors in the Poker Table Rail Vinyl section of the shop.

Cross section of blackjack rail upholstered

Now that the rail is complete move on to Step Six – Assembling a Blackjack Table Top.