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Step 8 – Accessories

Build Your Own Poker Tables – Poker Accessories

Accessorizing Your New Poker Table

There are a few things that you may want to make your home game into a full blown casino experience for you and your poker buddies. Now that you’ve got the casino quality poker table there is no sense in stopping there. You need to accessorise it with casino cup holders, custom poker chips, poker chairs, playing cards, and any other poker supplies and poker accessories you can think of. The most important thing is probably a nice set of poker chips.

Custom Poker Chips

If you want a really nice set of poker chips, but don’t want to spend $1000, you may want to take a look at our Poker Chips or Poker Chip Sets. There’s chip sets available of all quality and price range so everyone should be able to find some poker chips that suit them.

Casino Cup Holders

You want to protect the playing surface of your new poker table from spills and condensation off of glasses and bottles. The good news is that you can buy the exact same cup holders that most casinos have. Since you built your poker table using my plans, I know that if you buy the casino style cup holders they will slide under the railing exactly like they do at the casino.  You may also choose to use the built in style of cup holders.  We have those too!  Check out all of our Poker Table Cup Holders.

Playing Cards

A nice set of playing cards goes a long way. Standard playing cards wear out in one night. For a few dollars more you can get KEM or Copac plastic playing cards. The nice thing is that when you open the pack they feel exactly like a brand new deck of cards. After hours and hours of playing they still feel exactly like a brand new deck of cards. They don’t wear, they are water proof, and you can actually wash them. We have a wide range of Plastic Playing Cards avialable.  To save money, we also carry Standard Playing Cards.

Everything Else

For any other everything else please visit our Poker Supply Shop.  We have everything to make your home poker night the best in the neighborhood!

Now that you know exactly how to build a casino quality poker table it may be time to get creative. Check out some of the variations that you can try to give your poker table a little something extra. Other Ideas

If you have any questions about any of the steps, don’t hesitate to Post In Our Forum for answers or use the Contact Us form. If you like the site and end up building your own poker table please upload some photos to the site to show to our other readers.  Upload Photos Here.