Step 7 – Table Legs

Build Your Own Poker Tables – Poker Table Legs

Poker Table Legs, Pedestal Legs, and Folding Legs

Building poker table legs is very difficult if you don’t have any experience in furniture building. A lot of people simply add folding legs to their table. Others like to buy Pedistal legs. Depending on who I’m building a poker table for, I use a variety of options. For a table in my brother’s basement, I simply built a base out of 4x4s and painted them black. I added decorative nails and it looks pretty nice.  The plans for these legs are here: 4×4 Poker Table Base Plans.

you can get nice professionally made table legs from a furniture store for anywhere from $40 up to $300. A good option that Ive heard of people using is to go to a local furniture store and speak to a manager. You may be able to get really nice pedestal legs for a really cheap price if you get lucky. The reason is that table tops often get damaged and the legs are still good. Furniture stores often have these damaged tables in their warehouse and are ready to part with them.

Poker Table legs made of 4x4s

If you decide that you would like the poker table to be somewhat portable, you may want to pick up some folding legs. These work nice if you have to move the table into storage between poker nights. Another plus is that they are cheap.

Fancy poker table legs

Choosing the right legs or base for your poker table is a matter of preference and a matter of how much money you want to spend. Remember that if you only want to spend a few bucks, a few 4x4s and a little paint is not a bad option.

  • There are a variety of good poker table legs and bases available in the shop.

Pedestal poker table legs