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Step 3 – Wood Working

Build Your Own Poker Tables – Wood Work

Casino Poker Table Plans

When you take a look at the free poker table plans you’ll realize how easy it is to make a casino poker table. The first thing you need to do is measure and mark off all of the cuts you’ll make in the wood. Ive provided easy to follow diagrams of what each piece of wood should look like. Since you are starting off with a 4’x8′ sheet of wood, you need to first round the corners in the shape of your poker table. To do this you have to measure 24″ from the end and 24″ from each side and drive a small nail or screw into that spot. The large X in the poker table plans shows where the nail should go. After that you need to fix a wire or light chain to the nail and measure off 24″. Then attach a pencil to the other end and you will be able to swing the wire around and draw your perfect half circle on each side of the poker table.(Figure 1-1) Then all you have to do is follow the pencil line that you’ve just drawn with a jig saw and cut the corners off of the sheet of wood. This process needs to be repeated on both pieces of wood as well as the third piece should you choose to use it. (the third piece of wood is referred to as optional in all the poker table plans until the final step where you would use it should you choose to do so)

Free Poker Table Plans Figure 1-1

Leaving the nail in the wood, you then need to shorten the wire to a length of 19.5″ on one sheet of wood (sheet 1) and make a similar semi circle on each end of the wood. Then measure 4.5″ on each side of the same piece of wood and make a straight line until it connects to your semi circles on each end of the wood. You should then have a line drawn around the entire table that is 4.5″ inside of the edge.(Figure 1-2) This is going to be the top of the rail for your poker table. To start the cut you’ll need to drill a hole large enough for the blade of your jig saw to fit in and start the cut. Be sure not to damage the outside ring of wood as this is the piece that you are going to be using. If you follow the poker table plans exactly you should have no problem.

Casino Poker Table Plans Figure 1-2

Now you’re going to move onto the second sheet of wood (sheet 2). This time instead of shortening the wire to 19.5″ you only have to shorten it to 22″. The lines on the side should be 2″ from the edge.(Figure 1-3) You have to start the cut for the saw in a similar way with your drill but be sure to be carefull on this cut because you will be using both the inside and outside ring of wood later on. The inside sheet will become the playing surface of your poker table and the outter ring will be used as the bottom lip of the padded rail. The rail will give your table more of a casino poker table feel than the cheaper home poker tables you may be used to.

Wood working plans on how to build a poker table

After you make all these cuts you will end up with 3 pieces of wood that we plan to use to build the casino poker table. The first piece, that we’ll call piece A, comes from the center of sheet 2 and will be used as the playing surface of the poker table. The second piece, that we’ll call piece B, comes from the outer ring of sheet 1 and will be used as the top of the padded rail for your poker table. The third piece, that we’ll call piece C comes from the outer ring of sheet 2 and will be used as the bottom lip of the padded rail.(Figure 1-4) The center of sheet 1 is not used in this project unless you decide to use it for the base later on. The fourth piece, that we’ll call piece D, comes from sheet 3. This third sheet of wood is not required to build the table but it does add a lot of strength to the table and looks very nice when done correctly. I always use 3 sheets. A drawback of this optional sheet is that it will add a lot of weight to a table that will already be quite heavy. In the following pages I will show you how to complete the table with or without this optional piece.

All wood cut for the home made poker table

Once you get all your wood cut and measured its time to move on to upholstering the poker table. Since the playing surface is a lot easier, we’ll start there to let you get a bit of practice. Move on to Step Four – Upholstering the Poker Table Top