Step 1 – Required Tool

Build Your Own Poker Tables – Tools

Poker Table Tools

ovalpokertableBefore you learn how to build your own poker table you’ll need the proper tools. If you don’t already have all the tools needed to build your poker table you almost certainly know someone who does. Now is a good time to call that person.

Jig Saw

You’re going to be doing a fair bit of cutting so if you have a cordless jig saw make sure that you have the battery charged. A back up battery is a good idea as well. If you have to sit around and wait for a battery to recharge it can really slow the project down. I generally make the long straight cuts with a circular saw but a circular saw isn’t required.

Power Drill

You’re going to use your drill when you make the first cut to make the rail. You wil also want a screwdriver attachment for your drill so that your forearms dont feel like they’re going to fall off from screwing everything in by hand.

Sanding Block, Sand Paper, And File

You are going to end up with some rough edges after cutting with your jig saw. These rough edges are easy to clean up with a good file and some sand paper.

Tape Measure

You will have to measure a few things when you’re getting started. You may also want a chalk line but it certainly isn’t required. A pencil and any long straight edge will work just as well.

Staple Gun

When you upholster your poker table you will use a ton of staples. When I built my last table I went through a couple hundred. When you buy staples make sure to buy enough. They’re not going to go bad so you might as well buy several hundred since they’re cheap. Its better to buy too many staples than to have to go back to the store half way through the project.

That’s all you need. Now that you’ve gathered all the tools that you need to build your poker table its time to buy the supplies. Find out what you need in Step Two – Poker Table Supplies.