Retractable Cup Holders

Adding a little extra with Custom cup holders.

There are several ways you can add retractable cup holders to your poker table.  You can spend a lot of money or nearly no money. Its up to you. On this page we will discuss a few ideas to add retractable cup holders to your poker or game table.

Slide Out Cup Holders

Slide out cup holders are easy to make and install. All they are is a piece of wood with gliders on it just like a drawer or the tray that your keyboard sits on on a computer desk. All you have to do is finish the wood, cut the holes, and drop in your drink holders. You can also save some money by making double cup holders and then place them every other position.


Swing Out Cup Holders

Swing out cup holders serve the same purpose as slide out cup holders but as the name implies, they swing out. You can build the same type of arm but you will attach it at a pivot under the table You can make sure that the drink holder arm stays out(or in) by attaching a magnet to the arm and to the corresponding spots under the table to keep it in place.

There are other ways to add cup holders to your poker table. If you think of any creative ones let us know in the forum.

Poker Table with retractable cup holders

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