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Raised Railing Poker Table Wood Work

Cutting the Wood to Build a Poker Table with a Raised Rail

In this step, we will be cutting all of the wood to build a poker table with a raised rail.  You will need three sheets of 3/4″ plywood (8’x4′), tape measure, six nails or screws, jig saw, pencil, and string.

The first step is to measure and mark your axis point for all of your arcs.  To so this we measure 24″ from the end of the plywood and 24″ from each side and make an X.  Do this on both ends of all three sheets of plywood.  Now tap an nail into the Xs on one of your sheets of plywood.  Tie one end of your string to the nail and the other end to a pencil making certian that the distance from the nail to the pencil is 24″.  To test your length, your pencil should perfectly reach the end of your plywood as well as each side.  If this is the case, draw an arc with your pencil following the path the string takes as it moves around the nail.  Repeat this on the other end of your plywood as well as both ends of the other two sheets (Figure 1-1).

raised railing poker table plans 1

With your arcs drawn on all three sheets of wood, you can then cut the corners off along the lines giving you three identical ovals.  These sheets of wood will be used to make the pieces for your raised railing poker table.

On the first sheet, you will be creating the base of the poker table as well as the top section of your raised rail.  To do this, using the same nail, shorten your length of string to 19.5″ and draw new arcs on both ends.  You can then measure 4.5″ in from each long edge and draw a line connecting your arcs (Figure 1-2).

how to build a raised rail poker table

Sheet two will be measured and cut in much the same way with the measurements slightly different.  Your string should be 22″ on this piece with a measurement of 2″ from the edge on the sides (Figure 1-3). This sheet will make the lower upholstered part of your raised rail and the playing surface for your raised rail poker table.  Now is a good time to mark the outer ring as piece E as you will have a very similar piece that may not fit exactly and give you problems during the assembly process.

making a poker table with raised rail 3

The third sheet of plywood will be used to make your inner and outer riser.  There will be two lines and two cuts on this piece.  Your first line requires a string length of 22″ and an edge measurement of 2″.  The inner ring measures 20″ from nail to pencil and 4″ from the edge (Figure 1-4).  The inner oval of this piece will be scrap.  Mark the outer ring as B and the inner ring as D.

cutting the risor for the rail

Once all of your lines are drawn and remeasured, you can go ahead and cut out all of your pieces.  The easiest way to cut these rings is to drop a circular saw blade into the straight cuts and cut them first.  Then you can move onto the arcs with your jig saw and finish the job.  When you’re done you will have six pieces that you are going to use (Figure 1-5) to build your raised rail poker table.

All pieces of wood for raised rail poker table plans

Now that the wood is all cut, you can clean up the saw dust and put  your saws away.  Its time for some introductory upholstery work.  Step Three – Upholstering the Playing Surface