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Raised Railing Poker Table Leg Options

Poker Table Leg Options for a Raised Rail Poker Table

Now that you’ve completed your build, its time to decide what to do about a base.  There are several options for table legs and a few are explored below.

Build Your Own Poker Table Legs

In the spirit of building your own, why stop at the table top.  You can quickly and easily build a decent set of poker table legs with a couple of 4x4s and some paint.  You can do it with the very same tools you used to build the table and get the job done for under $20.  4×4 legs aren’t going to look quite as nice as some professional pedestals, but they also aren’t going to cost you upwards of $300.  Plans for the 4×4 poker table legs here: Poker Table Leg Plans.

Another options is to build your own pedestals.  Again not that difficult but you will need a table say and some more advanced wood working skills.

Pedestal Poker Table Legs

Pedestal Poker Table LegsI would prefer that every poker table had some nice pedestals to sit on.  Unfortunately it’s not in everyone’s budget to spend a few hundred bucks on the base of your table.

Not to worry.  Sometimes people decide to use folding legs for their table and if that’s what the budget dictates, it’s better than nothing.  Remember you can always upgrade some time down the line.

Folding Poker Table Legs

Folding Poker Table LegsFolding legs are not all bad.  They are generally strong and sturdy at a fraction of the price of professional wood table legs or pedestals.  They also offer the option of folding up to store your poker table away between games.  Many of us just don’t have the room to have a poker table setup all year round.  Folding legs provide a little flexability in that regard.

No Legs/Poker Table Topper

The cheapest options is to simply go wthout any base at all.  This works out well for some people.  They store their poker table under the bed, or somewhere safe, and pull it out for poker night and dump it on top of the kitchen table.  This option is very popular.  If you decide to use your raised rail poker table as a table topper, it’s a good idea to hold onto some of your scrap foam so that you can put it between your poker table and the kitchen table when you play.  The wife will not be happy with you take your top off and the table below has been destroyed.

Have a look at some of our poker table legs available for purchase.

Once you’re finished with your table please stop back in and post your photos in our Poker Table Photos area.