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Putting Your Round Poker Table Together

Assembling  a Round Poker Table Top

What’s Used in this Step

The assembly process will require:

  • Upholstered Playing Surface
  • Upholstered Padded Rail
  • Unused Piece B
  • Wood Screws

Putting it All Together

Putting the round poker table top together is fairly simple.  First you lay the rail down with the upholstered side facing down.  Then lay the playing surface down, also upholstered side down, on top of the rail.  The two pieces should fit together perfectly (Figure 4-1).

Round Poker Table Assembled

Now drive a few screws through the outer edge of the playing surface so that they bite into the bottom of the upper lip of the rail (Figure 4-2).  4 to 6 screws evenly distributed should be enough.  Once this is attached, lay piece B on the bottom of the playing surface.  This is for added stability to the table.  Add a few screws into the bottom of B around the outer edge and you are all set (Figure 4-2).

Cross section of round poker table fully assembled

Your round poker table top is complete!  Many people keep this small table as a topper and do not add legs or a base of any kind.  This is a great option as it will easily fit in a closet or other storage space. If you prefer to make your project a more permenant fixture, please continue to Step Six – Choosing a Base.