Octagon Racetrack Poker Table Leg and Base Options

Octagon Racetrack Poker Table Leg and Base Options

With a beautiful new table built, the next priority is the base. What is your new masterpiece going to sit on? Here are a few thoughts on the matter and a few examples of similar tables.

Home Made Pedestal

Home Made Poker Table Pedestal BaseIn keeping with the theme of building it yourself, I present to you The Home Made Pedestal.  There are a variety of suitable options to build your own pedestal for a small 4′ poker table.  Using a simple 4×4 post as the mast and 2x4s as support is a very easy way to get a servicable pedestal.  Dress it up with a little black paint and you’re in business for about $10.

There are several other varieties of home made pedestals in the photos section of the website.  Please feel free to have a look here: Poker Table Photos

Professionally Made Pedestals

Professional poker table pedestalWhile a professionally made pedestal is going to look great on  your octagon poker table, it’s also going to cost you.  Like always, there is a trade off.  You can have the beautiful showroom quality pedestal below your table, but expect to pay a couple hundred bucks for the luxury.  If this the the route you want to go, keep a look out at garage sales, thrift shops, and anywhere else that may be selling old or damaged furniture.  Tables get damaged often on the table top, but rarely on the pedestal.  You can pick up one of these damaged or used tables for pennies on the dollar and scrap the top all together.

Another good place to harvest nice pedestals from worn out tables is Craigslist.  Have a look and see what you find.

No Pedestal at All

When people build 4′ tables, they’re often trying to save space.  For this very reason they often decline the option of a built in base.  They simply lay the table topper on top of what ever surface they have, and play there.  If you do this, make sure to protect the surface below with a towel or cover of some variety.

Whatever you choose to do, please share some photos with the rest of us.  To post your photos just login and go to the Photos page.  Thanks for reading and good luck with your new Octagon Racetrack Poker Table!