Measurements for an Octagon Poker Table

Measuring and Cutting Your Octagon Poker Table

Making The Perfect Octagon Poker Table

Since we’re starting with an 8 foot sheet of plywood, the first thing we have to do is cut our wood in half.  All you have to do is measure 48 inches from on side and draw a straight line from top to bottom (Figure 1-1).  This will separate our plywood into what we will call sheet A and sheet B.

Making an Octagon Poker Table

After you have your line drawn, its a good idea to take a few measurements to make sure that it is true.  Once you are happy with the mark, run your circular saw accross it and seperate sheets A and B creating two perfect 4′ squares (Figure 1-2).

Cutting out an octagon poker table

This is where things could get complex.  Fortunately we have already done the math for you.  To make the perfect octagon poker table you will measure in from each corner 14 1/16″ and make a mark (Figure 1-3).  This is a strange measurement, but this is also an odd shaped poker table so we’ll let it slide.  Once you have all 8 marks done, you can simply connect the dots on each corner (Figure 1-4).  If you want to double check your work before cutting, each side of the octagon should be 19 7/8″ long.  Remember that being off by an eight of an inch or so is not the end of the world as the entire table will be upholstered very soon.  Note that these measurements and cuts need to happen to both A and B.

Measuring and marking the perfect octagon

Once you are happy with all of your measurements, you can cut along the lines with your circular saw.  At this point your octagon poker table will begin to take shape.  Now with your tape measure, measure and mark 2″ from the edge on all 8 sides of sheet A and connect the marks to make a 2″ ring around the entire octagon (Figure 1-5).  This process should be repeated with sheet B but measuring 4.5″ from the edge (Figure 1-6).  These pieces will eventually become the top and bottom of your octagon rail.

Marking the octagon railing

If you are happy with your marks, its time to cut them out.  Keep in mind that you will be using the outer ring and the inner octagon from both pieces of wood so be careful.  The easiest way to cut these rings is to drop your circular saw into the straight edges and cut that area first.  Then  you can clean up the corners with a jig saw and everything should come appart clean.  When you’re done, we will end up with 4 different pieces of wood that we will refer to as A, B, C, and D (Figure 1-7).

Pieces to build octagon poker table

Now you can relax and put down your power tools. All of the cutting is done.  With the wood work behind up, its time move ahead to Step Three – Building the Octagon Playing Surface.