Making the Playing Surface for an Octagon Poker Table

Upholstering and Octagon Poker Table

Padding and Upholstering the Playing Surface

To upholster the playing surface, you will need 1/4″ foam an some sort of fabric.  I prefer suited speed cloth but other options include velveteen, billiard cloth, or any other number of fabrics.  Our poker table kits come with both foam and suited speed cloth and can be found here.

In this step we will be working with piece A.  The first thing you need to do is lay your 1/4″ foam down on a flat surface.  Next,  you spray one side of A with your spray adhesive.  This will keep the foam secure on the wood and make things easier to upholster.  It will also keep your foam from bunching under the fabric once its finished.  After you have a light coat of adhesive on piece A, lay it down flat, sticky side down, on your 1/4″ foam (Figure 2-1).

Once the adhesive is cured to some extent you can cut away the extra foam around the edges of your octagon and lay the entire thing down on your fabric of choice for upholstering (Figure 2-2).

Upholstering an Octagon Poker Table

Once you have the padded wood centered on your fabric, you can begin to fold the fabric over the edge of the wood on one side and staple it down.  It is best to add a few staples on one side and then head to the opposite side to work.  Pull the fabric tight and get a few staples in that side.  Continue this process, always making sure that you pull any wrinkles out of the fabric before you staple.  Once you have made your way all the way around the table, and are sure that your fabric is very tight and wrinkle free, you can remove any excess fabric with scissors or a utility knife (Figure 2-3 and 2-4).

octagon poker table cross section

Keep in mind that you will be placing a staple every other inch or more.  This will keep the fabric tight and prevent it from ripping.

That was easy right?  Your playing surface is done.  Your next project is Step Four – Building the Octagon Rail.