Making an Octagon Poker Table

Assembling an Octagon Poker Table Top

Putting it all Together

If you’ve followed this step by step guide this far, you should have an upholstered playing surface, an upholstered padded rail, and piece B that has been untouched since we cut it.  These three things will be assembled to complete your octagon poker table.

First, we lay the rail, padding side down, on a clean flat surface.  Then the playing surface will lay on top of the rail, also with the upholstered side down.  The playing surface should drop into the outer ring of the rail without much trouble (Figure 4-1).

Finishing the octagon poker table

Now you can connect the two by using 1 1/4″ wood screws.  When you do this keep in mind that you only have about 2 inches to work with from the edge of the playing surface where your screw will still hit the rail.  Its best to keep your screws within an inch of the edge.  With the rail secured to the playing surface, you will then lay piece B on the bottom of the playing surface and secure it the same way with wood screws.  This is for addes support and will make  your octagon poker table very sturdy (Figure 4-1).

Cross section of octagon poker table plans

Now flip the whole thing over.  Your octagon poker table top is completed.  If you choose to add lets or some type of base, please move on to Step Six – Octagon Table Base.