Lighted Poker Tables

Customize Your Poker Table With Lights

UPDATE: Complete Step by Step instructions are now available for How To Build a Poker Table With Lights

There is no better way to make your poker table “pop” than to add some lighting effects to it. There are several ways to go about this. You can have standard rope lights, chasing lights, flashing lights, or any combination that you can come up with. This page will deal with adding one rope around the table and you will be free to modify it however you like.


Recessed Lighting

What we ideally want to do is have light on our poker table without actually seeing the lights. To achieve this goal we use recess lighting. All you have to do is make a slight modification to the raised railing plans to make a space for your rope lighting. Below is a cross section of what your railing should look like.

Free plans to add lights to your poker table

To attach your lights all you need is staples and zip ties. Attach your staples to piece E and zip tie your rope light to the staples. Then run the rope all the way around the table. Drill an outlet for your lights to reach power and you will have a really nice lighted poker table.

how to build a poker table with lights

How to run rope light in a poker table

Running the rope light through the padded rail of the poker table to power

Poker table with lights on an unupholstered table

Poker table lit up in the dark with lights

For more variations on your poker table visit our variations section. Also if you have ideas of your own be sure to let us know in the forum on through the contact page. If you build a poker table and our plans helped out give something back. Share some photos of your table.