Lighted Poker Table Leg Options

A Look at Some Possible Base Options

After building a beautiful poker table with a lighted and raised rail, its important to give it a nice base to sit on.  Obviously folding banquet legs are available, and work well, but they just don’t do justice to a table like this.  Below we will look at a few options for poker table legs.

DIY – Build Your Own Poker Table Legs

Depending on your skill level as a wood worker, you may be able to build some beautiful legs for a very reasonable price.  If this is the case, you have no need for me to instruct you.  You may, however, be like the rest of the world and lack the artistic skill to undertake such a task.  If this is the case, you might want to condiser building something simple like 4 x 4 poker table legs.  These are very simple, sturdy, can look pretty nice, and will cost about $10.  Something to consider. 4×4 Poker Table Leg Plans Here.

Folding Banquet Legs

Folding legs have been a standard for years.  They are light weight, sturdy, and allow you to break down the table with not in use.  Unfortunately, in my opinion, they do not give the feel of a fine piece of furniture.  This is what you have just built.  A fine piece of furniture.  Still, this option works very well for some and its often a compromise with the wife that the table must be able to be put away after poker night.  Folding legs provide that option.

Buying New Pedestals or Legs

With an unlimited budget, this is the way to go.  You can find a wide range of beautiful pedestals online or in retail stores that would do this poker table justice.  The only problem is that we do not all have that unlimited budget and cannot afford to shell out $300 to $400 for a set of legs.  Not to worry….

Salvaged Legs

Ever seen and old dining set at a garage sale or on Craigslist?  I have.  A great option is to pick up one of these tables cheap and refinish the base to your liking.  Cheap, Easy, Beautiful.

Whatever you choose, we want to see it.  Please remember to take photos throughout your build and send them in to BYOPT for the site.  After you’re done, head over to our Poker Table Pictures section and get your photos online.