Installing a Chip Tray

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Dealer Station

Cutting Out and Area for the Chip Tray

If you decide to add a chip tray to your blackjack table you should make sure that you have the tray before you make any cuts in your wood.  Different chip trays are different sizes and you don’t want your tray to fall right through the hole you cut for it.

All you have to do during this step for your dealer area is cut a rectangular hole for your chip tray to go in.  The hole should be centered and 1″ from the edge of the straight side of piece A.

To cup out this hole you can either drop a circular saw onto the line, once its marked, to get it started, or use a drill to make a hole large enough for your jig saw to get in.  Either way, you will have to clean up the corners with a jig saw.

blackjack table chip tray installation

Dealer chip trays can be found in the Accessories Page of our shop.

Make sure that you treat the exposed edges on the inside of the hole before you move on to Step Four – Upholstering Your Blackjack Table.