How to Upholster a Blackjack Table

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Upholstering

Adding Padding And Felt to Your Blackjack Table

Before you upholster you blackjack table you should make sure that you have treated any exposed wood.  Once that is done you’re going to be adding the playing surface padding.  To do this you will use a 3′ x 6′ piece of 1/4″ foam.  Lay the foam flat and spray it generously with a spray adhesive.  Then lay piece A on top of the foam and allow the adhesive to dry.  Then you will cut off all the excess foam around the edges of the blackjack table (figure 2-1).

upholstering a blackjack table

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Now its time to add the blackjack table felt.  Cut the foam out of the chip tray area and lay your felt down face down (figure 2-2).  This can get tricky to figure out exactly where you want to place it if you have graphics already on your felt so be carefull.  Once you have it in place you are going to start pulling the felt over and stapleing it on the bottom ot the table  Its a good idea to add only a few staples on each side and then have a look at the top of the table to make sure that everything is in place.  Once you decide that everything is in place you will add a staple every couple of inches making sure to pull the fabric tight.  You can then cut off the excess felt once you are happy with the table top (figure 2-3).

Adding Felt to a BlackJack Table

You can then cut an X in the chip tray area (figure 2-3) and pull the felt back and staple it on the bottom of the blackjack table (figure 2-4).  I have added a cross section of the table top to give a better idea of what we should have (figure 2-5).

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Upholstering a Blackjack Table

Figure 2-4

Cross section

Once the black jack table top is upholstered you can set it aside and move on to Step Five – Upholstering the Rail.