How to Build an Octagon Racetrack Poker Table

How to Build an Octagon Racetrack Poker Table

Building an octagon poker table with a racetrack is a bit more complex that building the standard octagon poker table but should still be fairly simple.  The major drawback in making an octagon racetrack poker table, like with the non RT version, is the somewhat cramped space for 8 players.  Once you get chips, drinks, and snacks in the equation, there is not always a ton of room to actually play poker.

With that being said, this guide will show you how to build an octagon racetrack poker table step by step.  To download the octagon racetrack poker table plans used in this tutorial you can go to our Plans Page and sign up to have these plans and all of our other poker table plans sent directly to your inbox.

For best results it is advised that you read through the entire process before you begin to build your poker table.  If there is anything that you don’t understand please feel free to post to our Forum and we will do our best to help out.

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Materials to Build a Racetrack Octagon Poker Table

Before you can start building anything you have to make sure you have the proper tools and materials. This is no different when building an octagon racetrack poker table. Read on to see the required tools and materials for this project

Cutting the Wood

In this section we will measure, mark, and cut all of the wood to build our poker table. Continue on to see how.

Finishing the Octagon Racetrack

Your racetrack is the only exposed finished wood on this octagon poker table so you want to make sure everything is perfect on this step.  Read on to find out about adding cup holders and finishing the racetrack.

Upholstering the Poker Table Playing Surface

The playing surface is the best place to get your feet wet. In this step we’ll cover the center of the poker table with speed cloth and foam..

Upholstering the Octagon Rail

With the upholstering of the playing surface in your rear view mirror, it shouldn’t be all that tough to upholster the octagon rail. There are a few differences however, so please read on.

Assembling the Octagon Racetrack Poker Table

With each individual component of this poker table completed, it’s time to put everything together and see what we’ve got.

Poker Table Leg and Base Options

With a beautiful new table built, the next priority is the base. What is your new masterpiece going to sit on?  Here are a few ideas.