How to Build an Octagon Poker Table

How to Build an Octagon Poker Table

The below guild will teach you exactly how to build an octagon poker table.  This particular poker table sits 8 players and is a relatively simple build.  The completed octagon poker table measures 4′ x 4′ with eight distinct seating positions.

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The cost to build this table is very low in relation to the 8 foot poker tables as you can get away with one sheet of plywood and half sheets of foam.  Please begin on step one.  Good luck and remember if you run into trouble or don’t understand everything, you can always ask for help in our Poker Table Forum.

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For the anamation on this build please visit How to Build an Octagon Poker Table Video.

Supplies Required to Build an Octagon Poker Table

Building an octagon poker table is relatively cheap and the tools required are minimal.  With just a few saws and a staple gun you can likely get the job done without much trouble.  This page will explain exactly what you need to make an octagon poker table.

Measurements and Cuts for your Octagon Poker Table

Some of the measurements for our octagon poker table are a little tricky.  Creating the perfect octagon out of a 4 foot sheet of wood is not as simple as cutting the corners off.  Luckily we have done all of the calculations for you and all you have to do is follow directions..

Building the Playing Surface

With the wood already cut, the only thing left to do on the playing surface is upholster it with 1/4″ foam and fabric.  This part of the tutorial will show you how to quickly and easily upholster an octagon poker table and have it come out perfect every time.

Making the Octagon Poker Table Rail

At this point you’re about half way done.  Your wood is all cut and the playing surface is complete.  Now its time to tackle the padded rail.  This section will teach you exactly how to assemble and upholster the railing for your octagon poker table.

Putting the Rail and Playing Surface Together

Now we’re in the home stretch.  Everything has been measured, cut, padded, and upholstered.  Now all you have to do is put the parts for your octagon poker table together.  Sounds easy right?  It is. Read on.

Picking Out a Base for Your Table

This octagon poker table tops goes great on top of an existing kitchen or dining room table if you want to use it that way.  If you prefer to add a base or legs of some variety, please read on.