How to Build a Round Poker Table

How to Build a Round Poker Table

Here you will learn how to build a round poker table.  This table is extremely easy to build and costs very little in supplies.  The downside of buiding a round poker table is that you are not likely to get a full game of 10 players seated around it.  This table plays best with 5-7 players only.

To download free round poker table plans you can go to our Poker Table Plans Download Page and have all of our available plans sent directly to your email address.  That way after you learn the basics of how to make a round poker table, you won’t have to constantly go back to your computer to check the plans.  You can print them out and take them with you.

Should you have any problems with your build, you can always bring your questions to our Poker Table Build Help Forum to get the answers you need.  Please begin at step one below.

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Getting Your Materials and Tools

Before anything, you need to first make sure that you have the proper tools to build a round poker table. Once you are sure that you have the tools, it’s time to buy your materials. Step one will cover both of these initial topics.

Cutting and Measuring Your Wood

Measure once, cut twice… or maybe it’s the other way around. It really doesn’t matter much as the cuts for making a round poker table are all very simple. If you have a measurement wrong you will know about it well before you cut any wood. This section will outline all of the measurements and cuts you need to make to your wood..

Padding and Adding Material to the Playing Surface

In this section, you will learn how to upholster the playing surface of your round poker table.  This includes adding padding and fabric to the center section of the table.  This is also a good way to get your feet wet, if you’ve never upholstered anything before, as upholstering the center of your poker table will be much easier than upholstering the rail.

Building and Upholstering the Round Padded Rail

Building and upholstering the padded rail is where all this wood and fabric really starts to become a poker table.  This step is a bit more complex than upholstering the playing surface, but I have no doubt that everyone can handle it.

Putting Together Your Round Poker Table

With the rail and playing surface complete, the hard part is done.  Now its time to put the two together along with the base and get everything attached.  This section will teach you how to assemble your poker table top.

Choosing the Best Option for a Base

Many people choose to keep their 4′ tables as just table toppers.  They are small and light and can easily be added or removed when appropriate.  If you do want to add a base of some variety to your table, this section will help you choose what to use.