How to Build a Raised Railing Poker Table

How to Build a Raised Railing Poker Table

A raised railing poker table is just as it sounds.  A spin on your classic oval table to the tune of a jacked up rail.  This section of BYOPT will show you how to build a raised railing poker table with free raised rail poker table plans.

This is a perfect poker table for up to 10 players.  It measures 4′ x 8′ when completed.  The cost to make a raised rail poker table is slightly higher than that of a standard oval poker table as you will need an additional sheet of plywood to build your riser.  The additional cost will be more than worth it when your raise railing poker table is the talk of the town.

To download the raised railing poker table plans free go to our Free Poker Table Plans page and enter your name and email address.  We will then send you all of our available plans at absolutely no charge.  Be sure to stop by our Forum as well if you run into any trouble or if you feel like helping others with their poker table building project.  Best of luck to you!

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Materials for a Raised Railing Poker Table

Adding a raised rail to your poker table doesn’t require a lot of additional materials.  You will need one additional sheet of plywood and that’s it.  This section outlines everything required to build a poker table with a raised rail.

Measurements and Woodwork

Getting out the power tools and going to work is the fun part.  This is where we will make all of the cuts to build the wood structure of our raised railing poker table.

Upholstering Your Playing Surface

This is your introduction to upholstering if you have no experience.  The playing surface will be the easy part of this raised railing poker table so we will start here.  This section outlines how to upholster your poker table.

Upholstering the Raised Rail

Since we’re using a riser on the railing, things are a bit more complex in the order that they must be assembled.  In this step we will upholster the rail like normal.  In the next step we will add your riser.

Adding the Riser to your Raised Railing Poker Table

With your railing already upholstered, now you can add the riser.  This will give you a 3/4″ raised rail on your poker table.  This page will explain exactly how to do this.

Assembling your Table

If you’ve followed the previous 5 steps, you should have everything built and upholstered and ready to assemble.  This step will show you how to assemble your raised rail poker table.

Poker Table Leg Options

With a nice table like this, I always hate to see people just slap some folding legs on the bottom of the table.  There are other options and some of them not all that expensive.