How to Build a Poker Table with Lights

How to Build a Poker Table with Lights

Building a lighted poker table can give your home poker game something that most of your other friends just can’t offer…  Something different.  In this section I will show you exactly how to build a poker table with lights and give you the lighted poker table plans for free.

This build cost of this table is slightly higher than that of the standard oval poker table as you will need one additional sheet of wood, to raise your railing, as well as a string of rope lights.  The presentation of the completed project more than offsets the additional costs in my opinion.

To following is a complete guide on how to make a poker table with lights, but you can have the lighted poker table plans emailed directly to your inbox, along with all of our other free poker table plans, by going to our Poker Table Plans page and entering your name and email address.  Be sure to also stop back by BYOPT and share some photos of your lighted poker table after you are finished with your build.  Thanks!
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Tools and Materials to Build a Lighted Poker Table

This tutorial will teach you how to make a poker table with lights, but you won’t get very far without any tools or materials. Start here to begin collecting your tools and buying your poker table supplies.

Cutting the Wood for a Lighted Poker Table

This is the first real step in making a poker table with lights, measuring and cutting all of the wood.  Put on your hard hat and plug in your power tools.  It’s time to get started.

Lighted Poker Table Playing Surface Upholstery

With all of the wood cut, now is the time to learn how to upholster your poker table.

Building the Lighted Rail

This is the main variation over our standard tables.  In this step you will learn how to build the lighted rail for your poker table as well as upholster the rail and connect the lights.

Assembling The Pieces

Its all down hill from here.  All you have to do now is put everything you’ve created together and bask in the glow of your success.  And maybe a little heavy lifting.

Optional Under Table Lighting

This step is a little afterthought that seemed cool.  If you want to give your table a little extra glow from below, adding an additional string of lights may make for a cool effect.

Poker Table Leg Choices

The final thing to look at is the possible poker table leg and base options.  The right base can really make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your poker table so choose wisely.