How to Build a Blackjack Table

How to Build a Blackjack Table

Building a blackjack table is not at all difficult.  If you have a friend helping you, you should be able to get the entire project completed from start to finish in a couple of hours.  All you need to get started are a few tools that most people already have on the workbench, some wood that you can get from the home improvement store, felt, foam, and vinyl. This tutorial will teach you how to build a blackjack table that measures 6′ x 3′.  All of the materials required to make a blackjack table are available on the site in our shop.

Also provided are free blackjack table plans.  To download these plans, go to our printable plans page and sign up for our newsletter with your name and email address.  Your blackjack table plans will be emailed directly to you along with plans to build all of the other tables outlined on BYOPT.

Blackjack Table Building Supplies and Tools

Gathering all of your tools and materials before you start building will make building a blackjack table much easier.  This section will outline exactly what you need to make a blackjack table.

Marking and Cutting the Wood

With tools and materials to build a blackjack table in hand, its time to take a look at the plans.  There are very few cuts in this project and they can all be made with your jigsaw.  This step will show you how to cut and arrange the wood to make a blackjack table.

Cutting Out the Chip Tray

After the large sheets of wood are cut, you will have to make a few minor modifications so that there is an area for a chip tray and dealer.  This step is optional as not all home blackjack tables will require a dealer area and chip tray.

Upholstering the Blackjack Playing Surface

Upholstering a blackjack table playing surface is extremely simple and can be done by anyone that owns, and is able to operate, a staple gun.  You will use 1/4″ foam as padding and casino cloth to complete this step.

Upholstering the Padded Rail

Upholstering the padded railing of your blackjack table is a bit more complex than upholstering the playing surface.  However, if you follow these instructions you should have very little trouble. Tom complete this step you will use 1″ foam and vinyl.

Assembling the Blackjack Table Top

With the rail and playing surface both built and upholstered, its time to put it all together.  In this step, all you will need to do is drive a few screws in to secure the rail to the playing surface and drop in the chip tray.

Choosing Legs for Your Blackjack Table

Now that the table top is complete, its time to select a pair of legs for it to sit on.  You may also choose to simply leave it as is and use it as a blackjack table topper.  This section outlines some of your options.