Finishing Your Homemade Poker Table Legs

Finishing Your Poker Table Legs

Before adding any paint to our poker table legs, we have a bit of prep work to do.  Our first order of business is to fill in the holes where the screws hold the legs together.  That’s easy enough.  Simply add a little wood filler to the countersunk holes, wait for it to dry, and sand it smooth. Next we have to fill in the joints.  Since 4 x 4s don’t have square edges, we will have to fill in these gaps with wood filler as well.  Apply a generous amount of wood filler to these areas as you will later sculpt it into the shape you desire with sand paper (Figure 3-1).

Filling in Gaps on Your Poker Table Legs

Once you have the joint’s all smooth, you can check the rest of the wood for imperfections and correct those with filler and/or sand paper.  With everything filled and well sanded, you can add your primer. The reason that you need primer in this situation is that the wood is very pourous and will simply suck up so much paint without it.  This part is fairly simple.  Prime and paint as directed on your paint cans (Figure 3-2).

Completed Home Made Poker Table Legs

When everything is dried, you’re ready to install the plates that will allow you to easily attach or detach your legs from your poker table.  Move to Step Five – Mounting Plates.