We offer two different sizes of poker table building kits (8’ and 4’), which can be used to build a variety of different types of tables, depending on what your preference is.  All of our kits include a piece of rail vinyl, a piece of suited speed cloth (playing surface), a sheet of 1” rail foam padding, and a sheet of ¼” playing surface foam padding.  You also have the option of upgrading either (or both) types of foam, and adding on a variety of different cup holders and a table cover (8’ kits only). 

Our kits don’t include the plywood, which can vary from 1 to 3 sheets of 8’ x 4’ x ¾”, depending on which type of table you plan to build.   You will also need a can of spray adhesive, a box of 1-1/4” wood screws, several hundred staples, a piece of string or wire (to assist in drawing your arcs for cutting), and sandpaper.   If you plan on adding a racetrack to your table, you will also need some stain and polyurethane (and brushes).  Our kits also don’t include legs, but our plans do have a section on adding legs, including a list of materials required if you decide to build the legs yourself.

The only difference between the 3 levels of kits is the type of vinyl that is included.  Our Standard kits come with our standard vinyl, our Upgraded kits come with upgraded Whisper vinyl, and our Premium Kits come with premium Rogue vinyl.   All three of these kits can be used to build any of the different variations of poker tables that we offer plans for.

The tools that are required for building your own table are a drill, jigsaw, staple gun, tape measure, and a pencil (or pen).  A circular saw can also come in handy, although it’s not absolutely necessary.  Also, if you plan on adding cup holders to your table, a hole saw can also be very helpful.  A list of required hole sizes by cup holder type can be found in the question below.

The cup holders that we offer require the following hole sizes:

·       Jumbo Stainless Steel, Jumbo Dual Size Stainless Steel, and Jumbo Brass = 3-5/8 ”

·       All Jumbo Aluminum = 3-3/8”

·       Stainless steel and Brass = 2-3/4”

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