Drilling and Finishing the Octagon Racetrack

Drilling and Finishing the Octagon Racetrack

To be sure that our cup holders will fit into the racetrack and through the base of the table, we have to assemble the table before we drill out any holes with the hole saw.  The first step is putting the octagon rail together.  This task is accomplished by setting piece C on top of piece D and attaching them with a series of wood screws (Figure 2-1).  A simple cross section is also provided in Figure 2-2.

Assembling the padded octagon rail

With the rail together, you can assemble the rest of the unfinished poker table. Begin with the base.  Then place the playing surface, racetrack, and finally the padded rail on top (Figure 2-3).

Assembling the octagon racetrack poker table

Once you have everything lined up properly you can clamp it or drive a few temporary screws in from the bottom so that nothing moves (Figure 2-4).

cross section of poker table with racetrack

With everything secure, you will measure 2 1/2″ from the inner edge of the racetrack to center your cup holders.  It doesn’t really matter where you put them so long as they’re uniform.  I usually go with the corners as this keeps them out of the way of your chips when playing.  Once you have marked the center of your 8 cup holders, you can cut the holes out with your hole saw (Figure 2-5).  Be sure to cut through both racetrack and base when you’re making these cuts.

With all of your holes cut, you are free to take the table apart, aside from the rail, and stain and finish the racetrack (Figure 2-6).  Once this is completed, you can set the racetrack aside.

Drilling cup holders and racetrack

Now that you have your cutting and drilling all finished, it’s time to move on to the upholstering.  Start here with Step Four – Upholstering the Octagon Playing Surface.