Dealer Station

Adding a chip tray and dealer station to your poker table.

To add a dealer area to your poker table, the main thing that you need to learn to do is upholster around things and in holes. Its actually pretty easy and since you already built the padded rail it should be no problem for an experienced furniture maker like yourself. If you find yourself running into problems please post to the forum and I (or another builder) will be happy to help.

You can add a chip tray in one of two ways. You can leave the rail intact and just cut the square and drop the chip tray in the table, or you can take it a step further.

To cut out an area for the dealer you’ll need to cut your railing before you upholster it. You can decide how much room you want to give the dealer and if you want to cut the rail at an angle or straight. One thing that you will want to do though if you decide to cut your rail, is add a piece of trim to the edge of the playing surface so that it is not just exposed felt. This can be secured with finishing nails.

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