Cutting the Wood to Build Poker Table Legs

Measuring and Cutting the Wood for Your Poker Table Legs

The step is very simple.  We will be cutting 4 26″ legs, 2 24″ cross sections, and one 44″ spreader.  7 total piece of wood is all we will need to build these poker table legs.  In this section we will be using 2 4x4s.  One 8′ and one 10′ (or 9′ if you can find it). The only thing to remember in this section is to measure from your previous cut rather than marking off all of your cuts at once.  That way you won’t have to worry about the thickness of the saw blade and all of your pieces will the the correct lengths.  I use a mitre saw to get perfect cuts, but if you do not have one available, any hand saw will likely work. To make sure that you have minimal waste and have enough wood, cut the 4 26″ legs out of the 10′ post and the 2 24″ cross pieces and the 44″ spreader out of the 8′ post.  When you’re done you will have 4 legs (A), 2 cross pieces (B), and one spreader (C).  This is all the cutting you will need to do (Figure 1-1).

Poker Table Leg Plans

With your wood cut, its time to start assembling your poker table legs.  Move on to Step Three – Assembly.