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Cutting the Wood for a BlackJack Table

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Wood Working

Blackjack Table Plans

You should be starting with 2 sheets of 1/2″ – 3/4″ plywood, mdf, or particle board.  Each sheet should be 3′ x 6′.  before you start doing anything you should measure and mark off all of the cuts you are going to make.  Since both sheets are identical for the first cut you can refer to figure 1-1 for both sheets when you start out.  Measure 12″ from the side and mark it off on each end of the wood.  You then need to make an arc to connect both of those marks and the center of the wood on the far side.  Once you make these cuts with a jig saw you will have 2 identical pieces of wood.

how to build a blackjack table 1-1

One of these sheets (1) will be cut to make the top of the padded rail(figure 1-2), and the other (2) will be cut to make the blackjack playing surface and the bottom part of the padded arm rail (figure 1-3).    To make the top part of the padded arm rest you will measure 4.5″ all the way around the arced side of sheet 1 and draw a line.  An easy way to do this is to set your square at the proper length with a pencil at the end and simply trace it around the edge marking along the way.  The wood on the inside of the arc will not be used unless you want to attach it to the bottom of your completed table for added stability.

Cutting the Wood 1-2

Sheet 2 can be made in the same faction but instead of a 4.5″ rail you are only going to mark and cut off 2″.  The outer part of the cut will be the bottom of the padded rail and the inner part will later be upholstered and used as the blackjack playing surface.

cutting the bottom rail

When these first cuts are done you should have 3 pieces of wood: A the playing surface, B the top of the padded rail, and C the bottom of the padded rail (figure 1-4).  Before you upholster anything you should treat or seal all of this wood.  It will make your blackjack table last longer and will prevent future warping.

Blackjack Table Wood Cut

Once your wood is cut and treated its time to move on to Step Three – Cutting Out The Chip Tray