Custom Poker Felt

Custom Poker Felt

There is no better way to make your poker table a one of a kind than to add a custom poker table felt. Now you can spend a lot of money on expensive felts, or in the spirit of the site… you can do it yourself. Believe it or not its actually not all that difficult to add a graphic to your poker table felt. There are two easy ways to go about doing it. The first is more durable, but will only allow you to use one color and only a dark color unless you are using a really light colored felt. The second method will allow you to make detailed multi colored graphics, but may need to be touched up if your poker table gets a lot of use.


Stencil and Dye

An easy way to add a graphic to your felt is to make a stencil of whatever you want on the table and mist dye over the area. If you try this I would perfect your technique on a piece of scrap felt before you go at your table.

You need to make sure that you have an ultra fine mist so that there is no bleading. In the past I have used a martini mister . You also have to make sure that you only spray a small amount at a time. This will prevent bleeding and make your image crisp and sharp around the edges.


Stencil and Fabric/Craft Paint

You can make very complex designs with some stencils made from posterboard, fabric paint, and a little imagination. The nice thing about using stencils is that you can try them out on a safe surface before you destroy your poker table felt. You can also paint freehand but the edges will never be as crisp as if you use stencils.

Whatever you do to add graphics to your felt, never try to customize your felt before it’s stretched and attached to your poker table. This will result in distorted or off center pictures once you finally do get it onto the table.

Adding graphics to your poker table

How to make a custom poker table felt

For more variations on your poker table visit our variations section. Also if you have ideas of your own be sure to let us know in the forum on through the contact page. If you build a poker table and our plans helped out give something back. Share some photos of your table.