Choosing Table Legs for a Round Poker Table

Selecting a Base for your Round Poker Table

If you choose to add a base to your round poker table, your options are somewhat limited in relation to your standard 8′ poker tables.  The reason is that with only 4′ squared, people are already fighting for leg room.  This makes folding legs or a classic 4 leg configuration less than desireable.  The obvious option is to start looking at single pedestal options.

Single Pedestal Poker Table BaseSingle pedestals look quite a bit nicer than folding legs and free up that extra leg room that you need.  They are more expensive than folding legs, but there is good news.  Since you’re building a 4′ poker table, you will need only one pedestal thus saving you money over buying a set.

Aside from being somewhat expensive, these bases are heavy and bulky and can be expensive to ship.  A great option is to have a look around at garage sales, and on craigslist.  Noone is selling single pedestals, but a lot of people are selling old tables.  Have a look at what the base looks like and you may find a gem for just a few bucks.

The final, and most popular, option, is to have no base at all.  If you chose this option, you can simply lay down a table cloth on an existing table and set your poker table top right on top of it.  Its easy, doesn’t take up any extra space in the house, and still provides a great poker experience for you and your friends.

Now that your table is done, please post some photos of your completed table as well as some from the build on our Poker Table Photos Page.

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