Building a Poker Table with Lights – Assembly

Assembling a Poker Table with Lighted Rail

This is the simple part, but we’ll still take is step by step.  You start with a surface that will allow you access to the edges of your table from below.  Saw horses work best for this.  Now place the base of your table on that surface (Figure 4-1).

Poker Table Base

On top of that you will place your playing surface with the upholstered side facing up (Figure 4-2).

Playing Surface

Now you add your lighted rail.  If you don’t have a perfect fit, and you likely will not due to the fabric, it is easiest to get one end on and then work your way down each side to the far end.  Once this drops on, all you have to do is secure everything together with wood screws from below (Figure 4-3).

Adding the Lighted Rail

There will be an inch of the playing surface exposed all the way around the underside of the table once everything is centered.  This is wher you will drive your screws.  The idea is to run through the bottom of the playing surface and into the riser thus securing the lighted rail to the playing surface.  8 or so evenly spaced screws should do the trick.  Now you can secure the base to the bottom of the playing surface with another 8 or so screws around the edge (Figure 4-4).

Bottom View of Lighted Poker Table

Your lighted poker table top is now complete.  Please see the cross section for exactly how everything should have gone together (Figure 4-5).

Lighted Poker Table Cross-Section

Your lighted poker table is complete! Or is it? That’s up to you.  In the next section we take a look at adding an additional lighting below the table.  Move on to Step Six – Base Lights.