Blackjack Table Leg Options

How to Build Blackjack Table – Legs

blackjack table legsBlackjack Table Leg Options

You have a lot of options when it comes to the legs of your blackjack table.  A lot of people like to go with folding legs because it makes it easy to fold up and store your blackjack table when its not in use.

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If you have enough room to make your blackjack table a perminant fixture in your game room, you may want to build legs.  You can easily build legs out of some 4 x 4 s that can look nice if you paint or stain them.  Another option is to build a base with shelving on the dealer side to keep all of your dealer supplies and chips.  This is fairly easy.  All you have to do is frame it with 2 x 4 s and skin it with more plywood.

Another option is to buy premade legs and just finish them to match your room.  Some people don’t even attach legs at all to thier table.  They just set the blackjack top on top of an existing table or counter when they want to use it.  Whatever you decide to do for legs keep in mind how practical it will be.  Building a huge finished base in a small appartment might now prove to be the best idea if you plan to move any time soon or may want that space back.