Assembling the Octagon Racetrack Poker Table

Assembling the Octagon Racetrack Poker Table

With each individual component of this poker table completed, it’s time to put everything together and see what we’ve got.  This section is fairly self explainatory, but just to be safe, we’ll cover everything.  You start the assembly with your base (Figure 5-1).  This should be set on saw horses, or something that you can get under to drive screws in from below.  Place your racetrack on top of the base and line up the holes.  There is one way that they will fit perfectly.  Find that way (Figure 5-2).  Now drop a few cup holders in the holes to hold the track in place and drive a screw in between each cup holder hole from below.  This will secure the racetrack to the base of the table.

Assembling a racetrack octagon poker table

Now your padded rail will lay over your racetrack.  In a perfect world the rail should fit perfectly no matter how you turn it.  In the real world this is rarely the case.  Feel free to turn the rail until you find the best fit.  Once it is in place, head back under the table and drive in a few screws to hold the rail to the track (Figure 5-3).  Same story with the playing surface.  Find the best fit and then secure it with a couple of screws from below.  Drop your cup holders in and you’re done (Figure 5-4).

Completed octagon racetrack table

Now you should have a pretty nice octagon poker table with a racetrack and cup holders.  There is a cross section provided to clarify anything that was previously unclear (Figure 5-5).

racetrack poker table with cup holders cross section

The table top is now complete.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to decide what it’s going to sit on.  Have a look at Step Seven – Octagon Poker Table Base Options.