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Assembling an Oval Racetrack Poker Table

Putting Together a Racetrack Poker Table

Obviously for this step you will need all 4 pieces that we have finished already.  Additional supplies include:

Now let’s get this racetrack poker table put together.  You’ll start with the base.  This is the only piece that has not been finished or upholstered.  It should already have holes in it for your cup holders to drop through (Figure 5-1).

making a racetrack poker table 5-1 BASE

Next you will lay your finished racetrack on top of the base making sure to line up the cup holders perfectly.  With the racetrack in place, you can drive a few screws through the base and into the racetrack from below.  I usually just place one directly between each cup holder (Figure 5-2).

Racetrack and Base

Now the rail goes on.  The rail will set directly on the racetrack overhanging 2.5 inches.  If it doesn’t fit simply spin it around.  With the racetrack in place, you can drive some screws through the bottom of the racetrack into the rail from below (Figure 5-3).  I usually use the cup holder holes as markers and throw 10 screws in to secure the rail to the rest of the poker table.

racetrack poker table plans 5-3

Your playing surface will drop directly into the middle of the racetrack and the cup holders will drop into the holes that you cut earlier.  You can secure the playing surface down, but it’s not absolutely required.  I usually put one screw in each end and one directly in the middle driving them through the base and into the bottom of the playing surface from below.  This completes your racetrack poker table top (Figure 5-4).

Playing surface and Cup Holders added to racetrack poker table

Since these things can get a bit confusing, I have also included a cross section of what the poker table should look like when it’s completed (Figure 5-5).

Cross section of racetrack poker table plans. Complete

Its hard to leave this beauty of a poker table as a simple table topper after all the work you’ve done to build it.  Check out Step Seven – Poker Table Legs