Assembling a Raised Railing Poker Table

Assembling a Poker Table with Raised Rail

If you’ve followed the raised railing poker table plans to this point, you should have three completed parts to the table.  The base, the playing surface, and the raised rail.  Now we can put them all together starting from the ground up.

You will start with piece F.  This will be the base of the poker table that will add stability.  Setting it on a raised surface where you can access the edges is best as you will be driving in screws from below (Figure 5-1).  Saw horses work well for this.

Poker Table Base

The playing surface goes on next.  Simply place the upholstered playing surface on top of the base ensuring that it is centered with a 2 1/2″ overhang all the way around the base (Figure 5-2).

adding the playing surface

Now the raised railing goes on.  If you have trouble getting it to fit, you may need to spin it around.  Once you have it the right way, start at one end sliding it into place all the way down to the other end (Figure 5-3).  With this in place, you can start to screw everything together from below.

adding the raised rail

The raised rail needs to be attached to the playing surface, and the playing surface to the base.  This is all done with 1 1/4″ wood screws.  6-8 screws spread evenly around the table for each job should be sufficient (Figure 5-4).

cross section of raised rail poker table plans

Now your poker table with a raised rail is complete.  All that’s left to do is start exploring options for legs or a base of some sort.  Move on to Step Seven – Leg Options.