Assembling a Blackjack Table

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Assembly

Putting the Rail and Playing Surface Together

The hard part is over.  Now all you have to do it combine your blackjack playing surface with your padded arm rail, add one piece of trim, and drop in your chip tray.  The railing should slide right on top of the playing surface and you can screw it together from below (figures 4-1 and 4-2).  Since the bottom part of the rail was cut from the playing surface these pieces should fit perfectly.  The space the felt takes up should accout for the space that the saw blade left.

Assembly of a blackjack table bottom view

Blackjack table cross section view

Once the table is together you can flip it over and drop in your chip tray.  Then along the dealer side of the table you can (optional) add a piece of trim with finishing nails so that the felt is not exposed on the end.  When you are finished you should have a completed table that looks like figure 4-3.

Completed Blackjack Table

Now that you have this great looking blackjack table, its time to build/buy some legs.  Move on to Step Seven – Blackjack Table Legs.