Assembling 4×4 Poker Table Legs

Assembing your Poker Table Legs

The first step in assembling your poker table legs will be building each individual set before adding the spreader to keep everything together.  What you need to do here is measure 11 1/4″ from the end of each leg and mark it.  This is where your cross piece will go.  Do this on both legs.  Then I like to lay the whole thing down on a flat surface and but the ends of the legs up against a wall.  This works well in the corner of a room if possilbe.  That way, everything is held in place and square while you assemble it.  Once you have your marks made, add glue to the ends of the cross piece (B) and lay it all in place.  Drill and add a couple 4 1/2′ wood screws on each side to hold everything together while the glue dries and you’re all set (Figure 2-1).  Make sure to countersink the screws as we will be filling these holes with wood filler later on.  Repleat this process for the other set of legs.

Assembling Poker Table Legs

Now it’s time to add the spreader.  For this, you will measure 10 1/4″ from each end of B on both sides and make a mark.  This is where the spreader will attach.  This can be accomplished in much the same way as building the leg sets with one problem.  You will not be able to lay the spreader flat on the ground.  This means that you will need to use a clamp to hold each end in place while you drive the screws in.  When it is together, remove your clamps and wipe away any excess glue.

Top View of Poker Table Legs

Your legs should now be completely assembled and the glue should be working on setting up.  Give the glue some time to dry before applying any pressure to the joints.  Your current poker table legs should look like Figure 2-3.

Home Made Poker Table Legs

The main construction is now complete.  All that’s left is some cosmetic work and attaching brackets to help you mount them to your poker table.  Move on to Step Four – Finishing Your Poker Table Legs.