Adding the Riser to a Raised Railing Poker Table

Adding a Riser to a Raised Rail Poker Table Rail

Before putting anything together, it’s a good idea to add whatever finish you want on the outside and inside of your risers.  With a raised railing, the riser are exposed and now is the time to add paint, stain, veneer, or whatever you choose to use.  The only areas that need to be finished are the outer edge of E and the inner edge of D.

With that done, you can assemble the raised rail.  The important part during this step is to make sure that E is flipped the correct way.  That is to say that it will go back together with the playing surface the same way it was cut away from it.  Its best to test this by sliding E over the playing surface and being sure that it fits before you attach it to the rail.

With everything facing the right way, you can lay E and D on the bottom of the padded rail and screw them on with a handful of 1 1/4″ wood screws (Figure 4-1).

how to add a risor to a poker table rail

Figure 4-2 shows a cross section of the raised rail poker table plans.  It should help to clarify anything that is not clear to this point.

rasied rail poker table plans cross section

NOTE: I’ve gotten emails in the past asking why the riser is cut into two sections so I will briefly explain here.  In order to upholser two layers of the rail on the outside and only one on the inside, you must add the layer containing D and B at different times.  B before upholstering and D after.  Hope that clears it up.

Your raised rail is complete.  With your playing surface already done and set aside, you now have all of the parts to assemble your table.  Please continue to Step Six – Assembling a Raised Rail Poker Table