Adding Legs to A Racetrack Poker Table

Adding Legs to a Racetrack Poker Table

Now that you’ve build a beauty of a racetrack poker table, it would be a shame to simply use it as a table topper that only makes it out to see the light of day every couple of months when poker night is actually at your house.  Why not attach some legs to that bad boy, set it up in the front room, and really show it off.  Well maybe not, but the legs are a good idea.  Let’s explore some options.

Pedestal Poker Table Legs

Pedestal Poker Table LegsYour pedestal legs are really the cadillac of poker table legs.  They have a great, professional look and and really make your poker table a permenant fixture in your home.  So everything is positive and you should run out and buy some right?  Well….

The downside is that they are much more expensive than your other options and they do lock your table into it’s location.  Aside from a full blow disassemble, your table isn’t going anywhere.  With this being said, for my money, pedestals are the way to go when your building a high end poker table.

Folding Poker Table Legs

Folding Poker Table LegsFolding poker table legs give you a nice option to move the table around and even put it into storage under the bed or some similar place.  Another advantage is price.  They are far cheaper than pedestals and are much easier to shop for.

The downside is that you have folding legs on your poker table.  This is all well and good, but what happens when your poker buddy drops a  couple of pedestals under his brand new racetrack table?  What do you do then?  Just something to keep in mind

Home Made Poker Table Legs

Home made poker table legs will have their own set of pros and cons that will be 100% unique to the builders woodworking skill set.  If you are extremely talented you could likely make something that is so outstanding that your friends would never believe it.  If you are like most people, you will come up with something less wonderful.  You can, however, easily make a set of legs out of 4×4. In fact, I think that anyone can.  Slap a little paint on and you should be in business for under $10.  The plans for these simple legs is here: DIY Poker Table Legs.

Best of luck in whatever you decide to do.

Make sure to also post photos of your table in our Poker Table Photos section after you are finished with the build.