Adding Fabric to A Round Poker Table

Upholstering a Round Poker Table

Tools and Materials Used in this Step

To upholster the playing surface you will only need a couple of tools.  Below is a list of matierals and tools your will need to complete this step:

  • Piece A
  • Scissors
  • Staples
  • Staple Gun
  • Spray Adhesive
  • 1/4″ Foam
  • Fabric to Cover Table

Foam and Fabric are included in all of our 4′ Poker Table Kits.


Upholstering a Round Poker Table

The first thing to do is spray a light coat of spray adhesive over piece A.  Then you can lay your foam directly on top of that and flip the entire thing over while the adhesive dries (Figure 2-1).  Once your adhesive is somewhat dry, you can trim the edges off of the foam so that there is little to no overhang.  You can then lay your playing surface fabric down flat and lay the padded wood down on top of it in the center (Figure 2-2)

Upholstering a round poker table

Now its time to get out the staple gun and get to work.  The easiest way to upholster the playing surface is to start on all 4 corners.  First you fold one down and staple it in place.  Then you can move to the opposite corner and do the same, pulling the fabric tight.  Now the other two corners.  From here, you can work your way around the table stapling every couple of inches, always pulling the fabric tight.  If there are any wrinkles or folds when you’re done, you could have pulled tighter.  When you’re done, you can cut off the excess fabric and move on (Figures 2-3 and 2-4).

round poker table cross section

Your playing surface is done.  You can set it aside and get ready to build the Rail.  Please continue to Step Four – Building the Round Rail.