Accessorizing Your Blackjack Table

How to Build a Blackjack Table – Accessories

Dealer Supplies, Chips, and Cards

Dealer Equipment

Blackjack Dealer's Set

Now that you have a casino quality blackjack table, you need those casino style accessories to finish it off.  The first things that any new blackjack table needs are a nice 6 deck blackjack dealer shoe and a 6 deck discard holder.  You’ll also need some cut cards and perhaps an automatic card shuffler.

Dealer shoe, discard holder, cut cards, and automatic shufflers available on our Blackjack Supplies page.

Playing Cards

The next obvious thing you’ll need are playing cards.  If you want to deal 6 decks you’ll probably want to have at least 12 decks of cards.  Lucky for you we also have playing cards available in the shop on our Playing Cards page.

Casino Chips

Deluxe Blackjack Dealer's Set

Now you can’t very well have a beautiful blackjack table and cheap plastic chips together can you?  You need some nice casino style poker chips.  We have a huge variety of poker chips and poker chip sets in the shop for you to choose from.

Loose poker chips are available in the Poker Chips section.

Poker chip sets are for sale in the Poker Chip Sets section of the shop.

Cup / Drink Holders

If you followed the plans on this website, than you table is build for casino style slide under cup holders.  The drink holders slide right under the railing and stay in place just like the ones they give you in the casino.  Another option is to build perminant drink holders right into the playing surface.  Its up to you.

Casino slide under cup holders and drop in cup holders can be found in the Cup Holders area on the site.

Now that you’re done with your blackjack table its time to send us some photos of the table so that we can put them up on the website.  We look forward to seeing your table.