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Craving for an authentic poker experience? Refreshing your setup with a custom poker table is the way to go!


Call your poker buddies over – okay, this was a given!


Select a color and design of the playing surface and rail – IMPORTANT!


Decide a location to set your table – the larger the room, the better.


Choose your DIY poker table plan and gather your tools and supplies – remember, life is too short for a boring poker table!


Start building!

Now that you’ve customized, it’s time to glamorize! That is where we come in. Choose from our wide range of excellent-quality add-ons and take your poker table game to the next level!

Step by Step Guide on How to Build a Poker Table with Free Poker Table Plans

Not only am I going to show you how to build your own poker table for under $200, I’m also going to give you the free poker table plans as well as a step by step guide to teach you exactly how to build a poker table or poker table top. Building your own poker table is actually an extremely easy task. You can build your own poker table in an afternoon with only two people. You could probably build a poker table in a day and a half by yourself. All you need area few tools that you probably already own. The beauty isthat you can build your own pokertable for under $200. If you were to go out and buy a similar table from a gaming supply company you could pay up to $2000 or more. Saving yourself $1800+ for an afternoon’s worth of work isn’t too bad if you ask me. Your first step should probably be to call one of your poker buddies up to help. They should be happy to lend a hand since the next time they play poker at your house it will be on a high quality poker table. If thats not enough incentive to get a little help you may have to offer to buy the beer that night. You may want to wait until after the work is done to drink it though because quality craftsmanship and alcohol go together about as well as power tools and alcohol. Neither are a good idea. Now that you have a little help its time to learn how to build a poker table. Before you buy anything you better make sure you know exactly what color and design you want the playing surface and rail to be. Its a real pain to have to reupholster a poker table that you just finished building. Trust me Ive done it. When you choose the look of your table take a look at the room where you’re going to put it. Make sure that the color scheme that you choose fits into the room. Since you now have an idea of what your table is going to look like its time to gather tools and supplies. After that you’ll move on to the poker table plans where you’ll learn how to build a poker table. That means its time to Choose Your Poker Table Plans.